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2023 Intake Ongoing

License training to Alumni

GTC is empowering the alumni to apply for Electrician and solar PV license from Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA): the body that test and license electrical technicians.

This training is to empower, enlighten and encourage the alumni to go a ladder high in their career by obtaining the license.

Our Values

  • Solar Photo-voltaic (PV)

    With the increase in the demand for green energy, we let the young blood also gain and grow in them the essentiality of green energy. With the right and quality equipment and instruments, we train our students to design, harvest solar energy , convert it to electricity and install professionally.

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  • Computer Software (Operating Systems and packages)

    We impart computer skills to our students first through introducing them to the different platforms of operating systems (Microsoft Windows OS, Linux OS and Apple mac OS) then the software packages. Students learn and interact with the computer hardware, basic programming and also do computer networking which is very essential in this current world of wireless communication.

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  • Domestic Electrical Installation - First Year

    The students are trained on the basic electronic components, circuits and how to repair day-to-day electronic appliances like microwaves, iron box, sound systems, e.t.c

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