About Gentiana

Gentiana Technical College (GTC) was started by Gentiana Development Network (GDN) in the Year 2009 with the motive of imparting skills in preparation of qualified man-power of young men and women who could support the Kenyan Economic Vision 2030 and globally. 

GTC is an educational college that has a good team of trainers, training facilities, good culture and special training that is open to anyone who wants technical career, university student and also apprentice with special skills and want to be certified by highly valued, accepted and recognized bodies. The college intakes a diversity of people and we encourage even people with primary school level (KCPE) since we have an intensive special training that bridges the gap between class work and field requirements. The training has no burdened theory but more practical sessions that helps the young to highly compete with the day to day technicians (fundi).

It majorly started with electrical installation being the major course and supplemented by computer software and hardware basics. Since then till now, the college has improved it’s course and introduced even new ones; like AutoCAD, basic programming and PLC. Being a technical college, we move with the trends in technology and energy sector. The school is also working on becoming a center of Information Technology; a CISCO Academy. 

The college has well equipped itself with solar learning and training materials in order to promote and boost solar learning in order to meet the demand of technicians required even as the whole world is trying to go for green energy. 

The college does national exams and certification; that is NITA (National Industrial Training Authority) exams for electrical and CSK (Computer Society of Kenya). With the many improvement, the college has earned its name to be an examination test centre for the NITA exams unlike when it started when students had to exams in other centers.

Our subsidized affordable amount of fees which everyone can afford. This is because many youths want skills but in most cases, they are beyond their reach due to price.

Our training does end in the institution but at the point where it is needed. We bridge the gap between institution and the industry.